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In 2018, We realized that there was a need to create a catalog of ethnographic documentaries for these institutions and the public to allow underrepresented communities to share their stories and document their history and accomplishments. In 2019, we launched our latest documentary entitled, THEE DEBAUCHERY BALL, which also premiered at the Black Harvest Film Festival to two sold-out screenings. The documentary won the 2019 Audience Award for Best Feature Film at that festival, Best Film at the Chicago South Side Film Festival, Best documentary at the Gary International Film Festival, and Best documentary at the CineKink Film Festival. The documentary was also selected for streaming distribution by KweliTV and Sol Cinema Cafe. All of this has been accomplished with a single individual (David Weathersby) serving as director, cinematographer, editor as well as producer of each one of these projects. He has enjoyed an outpouring of support from the subjects and participants in the documentaries.

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