Thee Debauchery Ball

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Thee Debauchery Ball

Thee Debauchery Ball is the story of Chicago’s Afro-futuristic, BDSM, fetish-themed House music party and how it has reshaped the Black social scene and challenged the narratives of Black sexuality.


It's Different in Chicago

It's Different In Chicago Tells the story of how House music and Hip Hop culture complemented and competed with each other leading to deep revelations about the different segments within the Black community of Chicago. The full documentary coming in Fall 2021.

The District

The District is an animated documentary in pre-production about Chicago's 3rd police District. A police precinct that transformed white flight into Black empowerment.

The Color of Art

With a lack of support from academia and the art establishment, black artists have historically struggled for respect and recognition. This lively and informative documentary explores the present-day renaissance of black art in Chicago, centered on neighborhoods such as Bronzeville and organizations such as the South Side Community Arts Center and the Hyde Park Art Center.




City Vanguard is a video production studio that produces documentaries as a source of educational support, historical preservation, and civic engagement.

Our service is geared to a number of markets including, universities and colleges, non-profit organizations, school districts, community centers, libraries, and arts organizations. We will target companies and organizations that have a need for ethnographic documentaries as a source of education or entertainment purposes during relevant events.  This allows us the opportunity to build an ongoing relationship with the company or organization.

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