The District: Animated Documentary fundraising campaign is live! We've launched the campaign as a prelude to the virtual premiere of the work in progress version entitled #TheDistrictPart1 at the #BlackHarvest Film Festival on November 6th. #TheDistrictDoc traces the complex history of African American police officers in Chicago through the history of the city's most influential department, the third district. A police district that was left for dead by white flight in the mid-eighties became a model of policing. Funding is great but we are also open to any in-kind contributions (art design, animation, sound design, etc) Thank you to everyone that has helped us to get to this point. You are appreciated.

The District Part 1 will screen at the 2020 Black Harvest Film Festival on November 6th For more information, check out the link below. 

City Vanguard was honored to screen Thee Debauchery Ball at the Black Midwest Symposium. They created this wonderful anthology of writings from the participants and an essay I wrote about Thee Debauchery Ball was included.  If you are interested, pre-sales are available now and the book officially goes on sale on September 1st.  Thank you to Tara Betts and everyone that made this happen. 


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